Prof. Dr. Ayşen Tezcaner





Biotechnology, 1994-2001, Middle East Technical University


Biotechnology, 1991-1994, Middle East Technical University

B.Sc.   Biology, 1987-1991, Middle East Technical University


Research Interests: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery systems


Refereed International Journal Publications:

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Book Chapters


  1. EB Baran, D Keskin, A Tezcaner. Nanomaterial Cell Interactions In Tissue Engineering in Cell and Material Interface: Advances in Tissue Engineering, Biosensor, Implant, and Imaging Technologies editor: Nihal Engin Vrana October 30, 2015 Forthcoming by CRC Press 300 Pages - 75 B/W Illustrations ISBN 9781482256123 - CAT# K24047
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  4. A. Tezcaner, V. Hasırcı. Surface properties of polymeric biomaterials and their modification for tissue engineering applications Biomaterials Handbook- Advanced Applications of Basic Sciences and Bioengineering eds. D.L. Wise, V. Hasırcı, K.U. Lewandrowski, D. E. Altobelli, D.J. Trantolo Marcel Dekker Cambridge Scientific Inc 2004; pp. 173-196.


Refereed National Journal Publications

  1. B. Basar, S.M. Toker, A. Tezcaner, D. Keskin, Z. Evis, “Improvements in phase stability and sinterability of yttrium and fluoride doped nano hydroxyapatites”, V. Ulusal Nanobilim ve Nanoteknoloji Konferansı, Eskişehir, Türkiye, 8-12 Haziran 2009.
  2. S.M. Toker, Z. Evis, A. Tezcaner, “İtriyum ve flor ilave edilmiş hidroksiapatitin mikroyapı, mikrosertlik ve biyouyumluluk yönlerinden incelenmesi”, 15. Biyomedikal Mühendisliği Ulusal Toplantısı, Antalya, Türkiye, 21-24 Nisan 2010.


Educational Activities:

Completed M.Sc.Thesis Supervision


Alişan Kayabölen

“Development of Vascularized Adipose Tissue Construct Based on Adipose Tissue Extracellular Matrix and Silk Fibroin” (Temmuz 2015)

Hazal Aydoğdu

Thesis Title: “Development of Microcarrier Systems For Bone Tissue  Engineering”

METU Department of Biomedical Engineering, Co advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr. Türker Baran  (December 2014)

Merve Güldiken

Thesis Title: “Simvastatin Loaded Porous Hydroxyapatite Based Microcarriers for Bone Tissue Engineering”

METU Department of Biotechnology Co advisor: Prof. Dr. Caner Durucan (December 2014)

Sibel Ataol

Thesis Title: “Development and characterization of silk fibroin and citrus pectin based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering”

METU Department of Biomedical Engineering, Co advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr. Akın Akdağ (December 2014)

Deniz Atila 

Thesis Title: “Cellulose-based electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Co advisor: Prof Dr Ayten Yazgan, (September 2014)

Mert Baki

Thesis Title: “Bone marrow targeted liposomal drug delivery systems”

METU Department of Biomedical Engineering, Co advisor: Prof Dr. Duygu Uçkan (May 2011)

Parisa Sharafi

Thesis Title: “The effect of mechanical forces on adipogenic differentiation"

Co advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Çetin Kocaefe (September 2008)

Özge Erdemli

Thesis Title: “Biocompatibility and biomechanical properties of new polycaprolactone-bioglass based bone implant materials”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Co advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Dilek Keskin (September 2007)

Ayşegül Kavas

Thesis Title: ”Evaluation of effectiveness of different bioactive agents for treatment of osteoarthritis with in vitro model under dynamic mechanical stimulation”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Co advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Dilek Keskin (September 2007)


Completed M.Sc Thesis Co-Supervision


Maryam Parsian

Thesis Title: “Synthesis and Characterization Of Polymerıc Magnetıc Nanopartıcles Loaded By Gemcıtabıne”

METU Department of Biotechnology Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ufuk Gündüz (September 2014)

Ali Deniz Dalgıç

Thesis Title: “Development of a new targeted liposomal delivery system of doxorubicin modified with lymphoma cell specific antibody” 

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr. Dilek Keskin (Eylül 2014)

Ömer Aktürk

Thesis Title “Preparation of sericin based wound dressing and investigation of its biomaterial properties”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr.Dilek Keskin (February 2009)

Burçin Başar

Thesis Title: “Structural, mechanical, and biocompatibility investigations of yttrium and fluoride doped nano hydroxyapatite”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr.: Zafer Evis, (January - 2009).

Pınar Zorlutuna

 Thesis Title: “Cornea engineering on biodegradable polyesters”

METU Department of Advisor: Prof. Dr. Vasıf Hasırcı, (January 2005)


Completed PhD Thesis Supervision


Özge Erdemli 

Thesis Title: “Development of novel controlled release formulations of anti-tnf for rheumatoid arthritis and modeling of release  behaviors” 

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Co-Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr.Dilek Keskin, (August 2013)

Ayşegül Kavas

Thesis Title: “Raloxifene delivery systems for osteoporosis treatment”

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr.Dilek Keskin, (September 2014)



Completed PhD Thesis Co-Supervision

Aslı Erdog

Thesis Title: “Characterization of liposomal celecoxib formulation as a drug delivery system in colorectal cancer cell lines” 

METU Department of Engineering Sciences Assist Prof. Dr. Sreeparna Banerjee  (February 2012)

Özlem Aydın

Thesis Title: “In Situ, In Vitro and In Vivo evaluation of effectiveness of new treatment approaches involving controlled drug delivery systems in cartilage degenerations” 

METU Department of Engineering Sciences, Advisor: Assoc Prof. Dr.Dilek Keskin (July 2011)

Courses Taught:

ES 202

Mathematics for Engineers

ES 303

Statistical Methods for Engineers

ES 444

Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering




Thesis Award: Ö. Erdemli “Development of novel controlled release formulations of anti-TNF for rheumatoid arthritis and modeling of release behaviors” METU 2014.(advisor)

Thesis Award: P. Zorlutuna “Cornea Engineering on Biodegradable Polyesters”, METU 2005.(co-advisor)

Best Poster: Council of European Society for Biomaterials, Italy 2005 “Cornea Engineering on Biodegradable Polyester”

Travel award: Council of European Society for Biomaterials, Italy 2005 “Preparation of Micropatterned Film/Foam Composite Collagen Scaffolds for Cornea Tissue Engineering”.

METU Academic Performance Award  (2012)

METU Academic Performance Award  (2010)

TUBITAK BAYG NATO B1Grant for Postdoctoral Studies (9 months, Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France) (2003)

TUBITAK NATO A2 PhD Grant (2000)

TUBITAK, BAYG BAYG scholarship for Graduate Studies (1991-1992)