Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senih Gürses, MD

Middle East Technical University

Department of Engineering Science

06531 Ankara, TURKEY

Phone: Office: +90 312 210 4461

Fax: +90 312 210 1269

E-mail: senihatmetu.edu.tr


Place and Date of Birth: Ankara, 23th May 1960


Languages: English and Japanese




1971-1978 Ankara Atatürk Anadolu Lycée

MD Degree, Medical School, Hacettepe UniversityAnkara


MS Degree, Biomedical Engineering Institute, Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University, İstanbul

Thesis: Temperature and Electro-potential Changes of the Head-skin and the Skull of the Rabbit due to Audio Stimuli


Research Student, Institute of Medical Electronics

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo


Ph.D. Degree, Engineering Sciences, METU, Ankara

Thesis: Postural Dynamics and Stability


Professional Occupation

1986-1988 Physician, Ministry of Health and Social Help, OrduTurkey
1988-1990 Physician, Occupational and Environmental Health, İstanbul, Turkey
1992-1994 Researcher, Institute of Medical Electronics, University of TokyoTokyoJapan

Instructor for the System Physiology, Occupational School of Biomedical Instrumentation, Başkent University, Ankara

1996-2001 Research Assistant, Department of Engineering Sciences, METU, Ankara

Instructor for the Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering Department, Başkent University, Ankara


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Sensory-Motor Performance Program, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA

2005-  Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Sciences, METU, Ankara


Membership of Professional Associations, Academic Honours  and Previous Awards


  • 2nd place in a regional Mathematics competition among high-schools, organized by Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, 1974-75
  • Master of Chess-Puzzle in a regular competition organized by Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, 1977-78
  • Monbusho (Ministry of Culture and Education, Japan) Scholarship
  • Invitation to the Department of Physics from Dr. Masahiro Nakano as a Special Student, University of Occupational and Enviromental Health, School of Nursing and Medical Technology, Kitakyusyu, Japan
  • Member of the Turkish Medical Association
  • Member of Society for Neuroscience
  • Member of New York Academy of Sciences


Publications in Journals


  1. Gürses S., Mabuchi K., Chinzei T., Imachi K., Fujimasa I., Temperature changes of the head-skin and the skull of the rabbit due to audio stimuli, Biomedical Thermology, V.13, No.1, June 1993
  2. S.Işık, S.Öztürk, S.Gürses, M.Yetmez, N. Selmanpakoğlu, The effect of HA-membrane on repair with freeze-dashed dried tendon allografts: An experimental research in chickens, Turkish Journal of Hand-Surgery and Micro Surgery, No.6-7, 1998, pp. 9-18
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  6. S. Gürses, R. Kenyon, E. Keshner, A statistical method for time domain examination of kinematic data from posture, Neuroscience Letters, (ready to submit)


*Selected to be published in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, V.9 (12), 2005


Publications in Proceedings


  1. Abe Y., Imachi K., Imanishi K., Isoyama T., Chinzei T., Mabuchi K., Matsuura H., Gürses S., Kouno A., Ono T., Atsumi K., Fujimasa I., Total artificial heart control method in which the basic input parameter is the reciprocal of the peripheral vascular resistance, Institute of Medical Electronics, Faculty of Medicine and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, October 1993
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  2. Gürses S., Yetmez M., Aksan A., Birlik G., Akkaş N., Effect of Morphological Changes on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cortical Bone in Different Hierarchical Levels, 9th CIMTEC-World Ceramics Congress, Florence June 14-19 1998 (Poster Presentation)
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Projects and thesis contributed at the Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Biomechanics, Department of Engineering Sciences (LBES) and Laboratory of Biomechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering (LBME), METU


  1. Gelir E., et. al. The effect of sleep and prolonged sleep deprivation to the dermal wound repair, Ph.D. Thesis, Physiology Department, Medical College of Gazi University, 1996 (LBES)
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  8. Öztürk A., et. al., Determination of the mechanical properties of mica-glass ceramics used in the tooth implants by using invasive and non-invasive techniques, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Project of Research Fund, METU No.:2001.03.08.03, 2001 (LBES)


Cited Paper *


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Projects Supervised


Visualization of the respiratory sounds during auscultation by Yasemin Uyar,

Final Project of B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, 2003, Biomedical Engineering

Department, Başkent Üniversitesi, Ankara


Courses Taken During the Ph.D. Study


Courses Taken for Credit:


1.   ES 202  Mathematics for Engineers

2.   ES 221  Engineering Mechanics I (Statics)

3.   ES 222  Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics)

4.   ES 224  Strength of Materials

5.   ES 303  Statistical Methods in Engineering

6.   ES 305  Computing Methods in Engineering

7.   ES 512  Experimental Analysis

8.   ES 541  Introduction to Biomechanics

9.   ES 542  Advanced Biomechanics

10. ES 554  Nonlinear Dynamics

11. ES 590  Advanced Mechanics of Materials

12. MATH 255  Differential Equations

13. ME 301  Theory of Machines I

14. ME 302  Theory of Machines II

15. ME 304  Control Systems

16. ME 414  System Dynamics

17. ME 418  Dynamics of Machinery

18. ME 442  Design of Control Systems

19. ME 511  Modern Control

20. ME 506  Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems

21. METE 227  Basic Concepts in Material Sciences

22. BIOL 514  Biomaterials

23. BIOL 561  Selected Topics in Molecular Biophysics


Audited Courses:


24. AEE 372  Fluid Mechanics

25. MATH 441 Analytical Mechanics I

26. ME 507  Optimum Control

27. ME 532  Random Vibrations

28. ME 502  Advanced Dynamics

29. PHYS 435 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos


Educational Experience


Courses Taught

BME 301 Matematiksel Fizyoloji I – II (Başkent Üniversitesi, Ankara 1995 –- 1996)
BME 415 Biomedikal Enstrumentasyon I – II (Başkent Üniversitesi, Ankara, 2002 -– 2003)


Courses Assisted

ES 221 Statics (METU, 1996 –- 2001)
ES 222 Dynamics (METU, 1996 –- 2001)
ES 223 Strength of Materials (METU, 1996 -– 2001)
ES 303 Statistical Methods for Engineers (METU, 1996 -– 2001)
ES 512 Experimental Analysis (METU, 1996-1998)
ES 541 Introduction to Biomechanics (METU, 1996-1997)
ES 542 Advanced Biomechanics (METU, 1996-1997)