Prof. Dr. Ahmet N. Eraslan

Dr. Ahmet N. Eraslan

Professor of Engineering Sciences

PhD Iowa State University of Science and Technology


Areas of Interest:

Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, Symbolic Computation, Numerical Methods.


Theses Currently Being Supervised:

  1. Emre T. Demirci, Deformation Analysis of Plates Subjected to Underwater Explosions. MSc Thesis in Engineering Sciences.
  2. Yasemin Kaya, Computational Modeling of Creeping Characteristics of Underground Natural Gas Storage in Rock Salt Caverns. PhD Thesis in Engineering Sciences.


Courses Taught:

  1. ES 202: Mathematics for Engineers,
  2. ES 221: Engineering Mechanics I: Statics,
  3. ES 222: Engineering Mechanics II: Dynamics,
  4. ES 225: Statics and Dynamics,
  5. ES 223: Statics and Strength of Materials,
  6. ES 224: Strength of Materials,
  7. ES 361: Computing Methods in Engineering.


Recent Publications:

  • Arslan E., Eraslan A.N., 2010. Analytical Solution to the Bending of a Nonlinearly Hardening Wide Curved Bar. Acta Mechanica 210, 71-84.
  • Arslan E., Mack W., Eraslan A.N., 2010. The Rotating Elastic-plastic Hollow Shaft Conveying a Hot Medium. Forschung Ingenieurwessen (Engineering Research) 74, 27-39.
  • Arslan E., Mack W., Eraslan A.N., 2008. Effect of a Temperature Cycle on a Rotating Elastic-plastic Shaft. Acta Mechanica 195, 129-140.
  • Eraslan A.N., Arslan E., 2008. A Concise Analytical Treatment of Elastic-plastic Bending of a Strain Hardening Curved Beam. The journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (ZAMM) 88, 600-616.
  • Argeşo H., Eraslan A.N., 2008. On the Use of Temperature-dependent Physical Properties in Thermomechanical Calculations for Solid and Hollow Cylinders. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 47, 136-146.
  • Eraslan A.N., Tokdemir T., 2008. The Thermoelastic Response of a Fin Exhibiting Elliptic Thickness Profile: An Analytical Solution. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 47, 274-281.
  • Eraslan A.N., Apatay T., 2008. Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Strain Hardening Preheated Pressure Tube. Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 32, 1-10.
  • Eraslan A.N., Apatay T., Gülgeç M., 2008. Homojen Olmayan Malzemeden Yapılmış İçi Dolu Dönen Disklerin Elastik-Plastik Gerilme Analizi. Gazi Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi 23, 627-635.
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  • Eraslan A.N., Akış T., 2007. Numerical Solutions of a Simplified Reactive Flow Model. ARI The Bulletin of Technical University of İstanbul 54, 1-7.