Prof. Dr. Dilek (Şendil) Keskin




Current Status:

Professor in Department of Engineering Sciences

Middle East Technical University, 06800 Ankara TURKEY

Room: MM-705

Phone: 90 312 210 2389, E-mail: dkeskinatmetu.edu.tr

Areas of Interest 


  • Controlled Drug Delivery Sytems,  
  • Biomaterials for Bone, Cartilage and Skin, 



  • Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis

Courses Thought

ES 202 Mathematics for Engineers
ES 303 Statistical Methods for Engineers
ES 443 Human Physiology for Engineers
ES 494 Introduction to Bioengineering
BME 502 Human Physiology

Publications in Journals

  1. Kavas, A., Tuncay, S., Banerjee, S., D. Keskin ve A. Tezcaner Potential of Raloxifene in reversing osteoarthritis-like alterations in rat chondrocytes: An in vitro model study. Journal of Biosciences, 38, 135-147, (2013)
  2. Kavas, A., M. Özdemir, S. Gürses, D. Keskin ve A. Tezcaner, “In vitro investigation and biomechanical modeling of the effects of PLF-68 on osteoarthritis in a three-dimensional model”, Biomechanics and Modelling in Mechanobiology, 10, 641-650 (2011)
  3. Basar B., A.  Tezcaner, D. Keskin and Z. Evis, “Synthesis, phase transitions and cellular biocompatibility of nanophase alumina–hydroxyapatite composites”, Advances in Applied Ceramics, 110, 4, 238-245 (2011)
  4. Tasci, A.G, H. Bilgili, H. Altunay, M.R. Gecit, D. Keskin “Prospective evaluation of Vitamin K2, Raloxifene and their co-administration in osteoporotic rats”, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 17, 43, 270-7 (2011)
  5. Basar, B., A. Tezcaner, D. Keskin, ve Z. Evis, “Improvements in microstructural, mechanical, and biocompatibility properties of nano-sized hydroxyapatites doped with yttrium and fluoride”. Ceramics International,36, 1643-53 (2010)
  6. Akturk, O., A. Tezcaner, H. Bilgili, M.S. Deveci, M.R. Gecit, D. Keskin, “Evaluation of sericin/collagen membranes as prospective wound dressing biomaterial”  Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 112, 279-288 (2011)
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Publications in Books

  1. Tezcaner A., D.Keskin, “Bioactive Agent Delivery in Bone Tissue Regeneration”, Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, ed. M. Zilberman, 193-223, Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2011.
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Completed MSc and PhD Thesis


  • Biomechanical Evaluation of Effects of Estrogen, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator Drugs and Vitamin K2 on Osteoporotic Bone, ES, METU, 2004, Arzu Gül Taşçı, MSc,


  • Preparation of Sericin Based Wound Dressing and Investigation of Its Biomaterial Properties, ES, METU, 2009, Ömer Aktürk, MSc. 


  • Development and Characterisation of Cortisone Derivative Drug Carrying Polycaprolactone (PCL) Microspheres for Rheumatoid Diseases Treatment, 2011 Yiğit Öcal, Msc.


  • In Situ, In Vitro, and In Vivo Evaluation of Effectiveness of New Treatment Approaches Involving Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems In Cartilage Degenerations, 2011 Özlem Aydın, Ph.D.



  • Development and Analysis of Controlled Release Polymeric Rods Containing Vancomycin, BIO, METU, 2005, Oya Tağıt, MSc


  • Biocompatibility and Biomechanical Properties of New Polycaprolactone-Bioglass Based Bone Implant Materials, ES, METU 2007, Özge Erdemli, MSc,


  • Evaluation Of Effectiveness Of Different Bioactive Agents For Treatment Of Osteoarthritis With In Vitro Model Under Dynamic Mechanical Stimulation, ES, METU 2007, Ayşegül Kavas, MSc,



Hasirci V., Keskin D. S., Tepha Inc. ;

Patent adı:Name:Poly-4-hydroxybutyrate Matrices for Sustained Drug Delivery 

Patent Numarası:AU2004 257701, CA 2531833

Kurum: Australian Patent Publication, Canadian Intellectual Property Office